Project Management

Coordinating All Your Water Management Needs

• Managing all documentation for obtaining approvals, manifesting, scheduling, transportation, monthly report preparation and ongoing research into recycling/reuse options and waste minimization.

• Improving the overall operations of waste management of your company.

• Contracting with one company instead of negotiating with multiple vendors.

• Interpreting regulations and analysis with the input of the generator to correctly classify the waste for transportation and disposal.

• Contracting with the most appropriate and cost effective disposal or recycling facility permitted to accept your waste.

• Arbitrating problems, if encountered, among the generator, transporter, and the facility.

• Preparing reports summarizing the project. All water/waste managed through Diamond Oilfield Technologies has unique Waste Identification Numbers. These numbers track each stream of water/waste through quoting, approving, manifesting, invoicing, and report generation.